About Quantization

Quantization is an open conversation environment and independent production of Kaveh Ashourinia and Arezoo Talebzadeh.
Quantization is a unique approach explicitly on definition and notion of inclusion, produces broadcast audio in podcast format, with the primary purpose of connecting experts, scholars and intellectually curious individuals with lived experience to educate, share and inspire the audience on digital platforms.
In audio signal processing, quantization is a process of mapping data in smaller and countable sets. This process is similar to what binary-mind societies are doing to categorize people in their communities. Because of this grouping, societies are losing many high values and potentials during the categorization.
The absence of an educational and accessible media in the field of inclusion has prompted us to produce Quantization to make bridges between experts and the public to share different voices.
Quantization is about to start a new chapter in the production, refresh its structure and move forward with an extensive plan for coming episodes. Following is an overview at the proposed schedule at a glance.