7. Art and Inclusion Vol. 3, Personal Identity and the Music Industry-Part 2

Gender identity in music has been a focus of many researches and discussions. The popular stereotype of ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ preference of music and musical activities especially the choice of instrument has been discussed over time. This topic gets more complicated when gender identity become a choice itself, and the artist has to overcome two cliché situations.

Portraits of Carlie and Vivek

Vivek Shraya and Carlie Howell on Personal Identity and the Music Industry – Part Two!

Hi, we are Arezoo Talebzadeh and Kaveh Ashourinia and this is our podcast on inclusion.

Arezoo: Quantization is an independent project with support of Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University

[Music: Quantization (Theme-Guitars)]

Kaveh: Hello and welcome to the Quantization podcast! This is the second part of the sixth episode.

Like the first part, we have Carlie Howell in conversation with Vivek Shraya.

This is season one, called signal, episode six, part two, “Personal Identity and the Music Industry”.

[Music: Quantization (Original)]

Carlie: So, we are here on the podcast Quantitation today to talk about gender and music!

[Music: Passage]

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